About the FSA.

Established in 1939 and previously known as the FFMA, the Funeral Suppliers’ Association (FSA) is the link between manufacturers & suppliers of goods and suppliers to the funeral sector. We aim to safeguard and improve the traditional high standards of products and services that our members provide.

The FSA works tirelessly to ensure our members are well represented within the industry and, working alongside other funeral sector trade associations, represent members’ interests on both the Deceased Management Advisory Group (DMAG) and the All Party Parliamentary Group on Funerals and Bereavement.

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Brief history


In the early years, manufacturers of furniture and goods to the funeral trade were represented in the form of the Trade Secretary Mr Hands of Messrs Hands and Company, Chartered Accountants. During this period, many trade associations were represented in this manner. In 1939, with the advent of ever-increasing legislation and the forming of other allied trade organisations, the FFMA was created. There was representation from the Coffin Furniture Manufacturers, The Soft Goods and Woodwork Association, Hearse and Limousine Manufacturers and Insurance Brokers.


In 1967, the FFMA was represented at the Llandudno Conference and held a forum that outlined the Association’s basis and the agreed trade specifications. In the past, the Association has made a point of contributing a regular dialogue with various government departments. As a result, during the “three-day week” in the early 1970s, manufacturers were permitted to work normally. In addition, during the industrial disputes of 1977, approval was sought and obtained for the delivery of materials essential to the funeral trade. This special relationship ensured the continuity of supplies to funeral directors.


In 2008, the FFMA was a leader in the planning for the potential flu pandemic – meetings were held with the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), which outlined the government plans to deal with such an emergency. FFMA were requested to contact some 65 suppliers to ascertain their capabilities as to how production could be increased. The MOJ retains our survey for future use.


Early in 2012, we were contacted by the Federation of Burial and Cremation Authorities (FBCA), who reported various problems with cremating certain alternative products. A working party was set up to find a protocol for coffin testing to ensure that all coffins meet standards that are fit for purpose.


In 2022, we rebranded and changed our name to the ‘Funeral Suppliers’ Association’ (FSA) and retained the FFMA as a separate self-interest group for coffin manufacturers and the Coffin Accreditation Programme. The FSA has grown to represent service providers that are not only coffin manufacturers but the whole funeral industry, including celebrants, clothing manufacturers, professional counsellors, memorial masons, refrigeration specialists, mortuary equipment suppliers, funeral vehicle specialists, insurance brokers, motorcycle funeral specialists, funeral service journals and crematorium groups. The FSA will be all-encompassing of these members allowing them to stand out with our eye-catching new logo and enjoy the many benefits available.