Member Benefits.

Please find below details of specific benefits
available to members of the FSA.

FREE Employee Support
& Wellbeing Programme

  • The Professional Help Employee Support Service aims to provide high-quality support to members of the FSA to improve well-being and prevent or mitigate the negative impact on mental and physical health of unsupported work and personal life stresses.
  • The service is based on the principles of emotional first aid. It offers advice and support, a common-sense-based sounding board and allocation into appropriate counselling provisions where this is identified as being wanted and needed.


  • Professional Help Employee Support Line: 01524 889825
  • Monday-Friday 09:00 to 21:00

This is not a call centre but answered by Professionals.


  • Initial call (or call back) with assessment, advice and support where needed
  • Onward referral (internally or externally)
  • Ad hoc telephone support


  • Email enquiry and correspondence
  • Pre-booked and ad-hoc email support
  • Onward referral (internally or externally)

Counselling Services
from Professional Help:

Our counselling services are supplied by Professional Help and can be booked privately by individuals or on behalf of an employee (with the employee’s agreement) by employers.
  • Sessions of up to 50 minutes of face-to-face counselling at a venue to be agreed between the counsellor and client
    – £50 per session plus VAT
  • Sessions of up to 50 minutes of face-to-face counselling via Webcam/Facetime
    – £45 per session plus VAT
  • Sessions of up to 50 minutes of telephone counselling
    – £45 per session plus VAT


Online Members Area

  • Company profile, showing logo, full address and contact information
  • Business listing showing category
  • Access to Minutes from Meetings of the FSA
  • Access to FSA Newsletters


Unrivalled HR and Health & Safety support and expertise

  • Saving you time, money, and stress when it comes to managing all elements of your business compliance.


FFMA Coffin and Casket Testing Protocol

  • FSA members may have their products tested through the FFMA Coffin and Casket Testing Protocol.

Hospital & Medical Care Association:

An exclusive offer to provide private medical plans for members of Funeral Suppliers’ Association has been arranged with HMCA, including a £50 gift card or £100 off your first-year subscription upon joining a private medical plan.

If you already have a private medical plan, are you paying too much? You could save money by transferring to HMCA. Why not request a no obligation quote ahead of your renewal? You may transfer to HMCA at any age, without a medical examination and will receive guaranteed acceptance under our transfer facility.